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Answers to Final Friday Challenge

From Dec 18, 2014

Click on each question for its answer.

The weekly quiz which ran uninterrupted for nearly 8 years has now ended. Grateful thanks to all the regular visitors for their patronage and encouragement. If you are good at writing trivia and are interested in contributing to this site (or collaborating on a project of your own), please get in touch. I might pick up the site again in the future, but for now, its adios.

  1. Just as The Lord of the Rings franchise gave a major fillip to New Zealand's tourism, the HBO hit Game of Thrones (predominantly) had a similar effect on what part of the world?

    Northern Ireland

    The show receives funding from Northern Ireland Screen, a government agency financed by Invest NI and the European Regional Development Fund. As of April 2013, Northern Ireland Screen has awarded the show £9.25 million and according to government estimates, benefited the Northern Ireland economy by £65 million.

  2. A pioneering method for calculating a sequence of Bernoulli numbers in the 1840s has what significance for the digital age?

    The method, created by Ada Lovelace for Babbage's Analytical Engine, is widely credited as the world's first computer program.

    Based on this work, Lovelace is now widely credited with being the first computer programmer.

  3. In his seminal work An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith recognized the value of business processes and division of labor while studying factories manufacturing what objects?


    The Pin Factory is now memorialized in the background of the face of the British 20 pound note.

  4. It has become almost customary for musicians from a particular country to play the duduk to commemorate a tragedy of 1915.

    Which country?

    Armenia (the genocide)

    The duduk is strongly associated with Armenia.

  5. In an oft-repeated but untrue story, in a 1971 conversation with Nixon, Zhou Enlai reportedly said that the effects of what historic event were too early to judge?

    French revolution

    Zhou's answer related to events only three years earlier - the 1968 students - riots in Paris, according to Nixon's interpreter at the time. The story is used as evidence of the Chinese ability to think long-term.

  6. A beer called "The End of History" made by Scottish firm BrewDog in 2010 became known not only for its $765 tag but also for it being served in what?

    Stuffed animals!

    Only 12 bottles were produced.

  7. Two Belgian Malinois dogs called Hurricane and Jordan were in the news in 2014 for tackling an intruder at what location?

    White House

    The U.S. Secret Service uses the breed to guard the grounds of the White House.