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The Best Quiz Sites

Please note that I am not looking to add new links.

  • Jeopardy! Archive — Site that hosts most of the questions from the great American TV quiz show. Faithfully reproduced by the fans down to the last detail, it has 250,000+ clues (and counting)! It will take months to look at all the clues just once at this incredible site.
  • JBoard — If you are a fan of Jeopardy!, you must visit this online board where the clues and the wagering strategies are dissected daily by a lively group of former, current, and future contestants, all of whom are devoted fans of the show.
  • Quiz Bowl Archive — After I saw the Jeopardy! Archive website (the first link above), I thought it is unlikely that it would be surpassed as a quizzing resource. But Brick Barrientos, a Jeopardy! champion, told me about this wonderful Quiz Bowl Archive; only flip side is that you have to download the documents. But if you think you are a good quizzer, check these out - they will make you think again!
  • Lizard Point — I cannot think of a better way to learn the location of countries than by playing at this wonderful site.
  • World's Brainiest — Number of questions and scores of playing options.
  • Quiz Zone — Decent 'quickie' questions and you can also generate your own quiz from their database.
  • NAQT's Quick Reference — If you need to brush up on any quiz topic and don't have much time, these lists can be invaluable.
  • Karnataka Quiz Association Quizzes — Am not very familiar with the Indian quizzing circuit but inadvertently came across this site. Not too many quizzes on this page but the paucity is compensated by the quality. Outstanding questions.
  • Quiz Bowl Trash Packets — If the academic quizzes are not your cup of tea, check out this huge collection of questions on Films, Video Games, Music, and Sports.
  • Madrid Pub Quiz — This no frills site hosts more than 1000 questions, most of which are good.
  • Quiz Bowl High School Packets — If you are a mere mortal like me, some of the Quiz Bowl College questions are beyond our realm of comprehension and these high school packets should suffice for us. Before you say "Bah, high school?", check out a few.