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Android App on Google PlayDownload on the App Store.The App contains material not on the site and the tiered nature of the questions and the cross-references will appeal to seasoned quizzers as well as beginners. Download your free sample of 30 questions (90 clues) and give it a try. Depending on your experience, you can consider the full-version for 99 cents, a good value for an additional 450 questions (1350 clues).

Three Simple Steps

  1. Each question consists of three distinct clues with the same answer. You see the first clue by default and can reveal the others one at a time.
  2. When you think you know the answer at any stage (or have seen all the three clues), reveal the correct answer.
  3. After you see the correct answer, evaluate yourself on an honor system. Your scoring and rating follow from there.

Sample Question

A question in the Body category will look like this:

  • For 3 Points: A noted Mannerism period artwork is Parmigianino's painting of Madonna dating from 1534-1540 that highlights this attribute of hers.
  • For 2 Points: The women of Kayan tribe of Burma draw attention to this feature of theirs by wearing brass coils around it.
  • For 1 Point: In 2014, Huffington Post reported on a certain Sydney Smith who wanted to be known as the 'giraffe woman' as she had this.

The answer would be Long neck (3 Pt. clue - Madonna with the Long Neck).

As you can see, the questions are structured so that most of them can be answered with the third clue. Serious quizzers should aim for the higher value clues.

Home screen.Sample: Abstract.Sample: Abstract.


The following people helped me in getting the App from a concept to a finished product.

Naveen Vemula: My friend Naveen who collaborated with me is a world-class programmer and has many credits to his name including the PBS Kids App. If you have an idea for an App and do not know how to go about it, congratulations, you have reached the end of your search. He can implement a solution on any platform and you should definitely get in touch with him through his LinkedIn profile.

Doug Ferguson: I will let the graphics and the clean lines speak for the quality of Doug's work.

Brick Barrientos: Brick who won on Jeopardy! and also runs his own show (Silver Screen Test) on Maryland's local television channel is among the strongest quizzers I know. He helped me edit the clues.

Kavya Ramachandran: The UX was streamlined from an amateur's design to what you now see with Kavya's help.

This project had a long gestation period because of my own missteps. Several of our friends including Alok, Bhargav, and Ravi helped me when I stumbled badly on the initial design. Finally, without my wife's support, there is no way this would have taken off the ground.