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Wars and Battles by Year

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. 1575: First battle of Japanese history; dramatised in Akira Kurosawa's 1980 film Kagemusha .

    The Battle of Nagashino

  2. 480 BC: Decisive naval victory of Greeks over the Persians.

    The Battle of Salamis

  3. 1805: Napoleon's greatest victory.

    The Battle of Austerlitz

  4. 216 BC: Hannibal's greatest victory.

    The Battle of Cannae

  5. 1914: First important battle of WWI named for a river; French defense stopped the Germans just outside Paris.

    The First Battle of the Marne

  6. 1982: Undeclared war between Argentina and Great Britain.

    The Falklands War

  7. 1967: Israeli victory that changed the balance of power in the Middle-East; didn't even last a week!

    The Six-Day War

  8. 1792: Battle that ensured the survival of the French Revolution.

    The Battle of Valmy

  9. 1870: The decisive battle of the Franco-Prussian War.

    The Battle of Sedan

  10. 1066: The last successful invasion of England.

    The Battle of Hastings

  11. 1757: Frederick the Great's decisive victory that saved Prussia.

    The Battle of Leuthen

  12. 1876: Perhaps the most famous battle in the American Plains Indian wars; famous defeat for General Custer.

    The Battle of the Little Bighorn

  13. 1805: England's greatest naval victory in the Napoleonic war. Notable for the death of Admiral Nelson.

    The Battle of Trafalgar

  14. 1526: Battle that began the Mughal Empire in India.

    The (First) Battle of Panipat

  15. 1813: The largest battle in the Napoleonic Wars; Napoleon was forced to abdicate.

    The Battle of Leipzig

  16. 1099: First Crusade's victory over an important city.

    The Siege of Jerusalem (First Crusade)

  17. 1918: The last major German Spring Offensive on the Western Front during WWI; Pershing was the American general during this.

    The Second Battle of the Marne

  18. 1905: Japanese naval victory over the Russian fleet.

    The Battle of Tsushima

  19. 1777: Battle during the American Revolution that secured French alliance with America.

    The Battle of Saratoga

  20. 1346: Edward III's defeat of Philip that ended chivalry.

    The Battle of Crécy

  21. 202 BC: Decisive Roman victory over Hannibal.

    The Battle of Zama

  22. 1915: Failed British-led assault on the Dardanelles Strait.

    The Battle of Gallipoli

  23. 451: Battle that stopped Hun invasion of Western Europe.

    The Battle of Chalons

  24. 31 BC: Defeat of Marc Antony by Octavian.

    The Battle of Actium

  25. 1588: Enough said!.

    Defeat of the Spanish Armada

  26. 1879: A pivotal battle in the Anglo-Zulu War where 139 British soldiers held back thousands of Zulus.

    The Battle of Rorke's Drift

  27. 1968: Communist offensive during the Vietnam War named for the Vietnamese New Year.

    The Tet Offensive

  28. 732: Charles 'the Hammer' Martel stops the muslim expansion.

    The Battle of Tours

  29. 1861: The battle that started the US Civil War.

    The Siege of Fort Sumter

  30. 1571: One of the biggest naval battles of its time; crushing defeat of the Ottoman Empire by the Holy League.

    The Battle of Lepanto

  31. 1885: British defeat by Sudanese seeking independence from Egypt.

    The Siege of Khartoum

  32. 490 BC: The 'running' battle and Greek victory that gave birth to Western culture.

    The Battle of Marathon

  33. 149 BC - 146 BC: The destruction of Carthage.

    The Third Punic War

  34. 1428: Turning point in the Hundred Years' War. Victory lead by a 'maid.'

    The Siege of Orléans

  35. 1916: One of the largest battles of the WWI; Britain's first major offensive.

    The Battle of the Somne

  36. 1781: Battle that won the American Revolution.

    The Siege of Yorktown

  37. 331 BC: Alexander the Great's victory over Darius III of the Persian empire.

    The Battle of Gaugamela

  38. 1187: Saladdin's victory that leads to the capture of Jerusalem.

    The Battle of Hattin

  39. 1314: Robert the Bruce's victory over England that preserved Scottish independence.

    The Battle of Bannockburn

  40. 1759: Also called the Battle of Quebec, it is the biggest battle ever fought on Canadian soil.

    The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

  41. 1798: Pivotal battle in the Nile that established the dominance of Royal Navy over Napoleon.

    The Battle of the Nile/Aboukir Bay

  42. 1991: Decisive tank battle fought on 26 February 1991, during the Gulf War, between American-British armored forces and those of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

    The Battle of 73 Easting

  43. 624: Muhammed the Prophet's most important victory.

    The Battle of Badr

  44. 1815: What, the year isn't enough?.

    The Battle of Waterloo

  45. 1415: Henry V's victory; immortalized by the Bard.

    The Battle of Agincourt

  46. 1821: If Maipu is to Chile, this is to Venezuela and Simón Bolívar.

    The Battle of Carabobo

  47. 1836: Remember this! It was the pivotal point in the Texas war for independence from Mexico.

    The Alamo

  48. 1812: The largest and bloodiest single-day battle in the Napoleonic Wars; featured in War and Peace.

    The Battle of Borodino

  49. 1521: The defeat of the Aztec Empire.

    The Fall of Tenochtitlan

  50. 52 BC: Julius Caeser's victory over Gaul.

    The Battle of Alesia

  51. 1917: WWI battle that featured tanks but erroneously noted for being the first use of tanks in a combined arms operation.

    The Battle of Cambrai

  52. 1194 BC - 1184 BC: A 'legendary' siege broken by a 'horse.'

    The Siege of Troy

  53. 1701 - 1714: The Battle of Blenheim was a major battle of this war.

    The War of the Spanish Succession

  54. 1973: Named for a Jewish festival.

    The Yom Kippur War

  55. 1274 BC: First recorded battle of history. Use of chariots.

    The Battle of Kadesh

  56. 1532: Decisive Inca defeat.

    The Battle of Cajamarca

  57. 1916: The largest naval battle of WWI; named for a Danish peninsula.

    The Battle of Jutland

  58. 1916: This WWI battle was named for a French fortress city; France had more than half a million casualties.

    The Battle of Verdun

  59. 1818: Pivotal battle in the Chilean War of Independence; José de San Martín effectively destroyed the Spanish forces.

    The Battle of Maipú

  60. 1964: Clash that led to America's entry into the Vietnam War.

    The Incident of Tonkin Gulf

  61. 1757: Robert Clive's victory that laid the foundation of British Empire in India.

    The Battle of Plassey