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Famous Native Americans

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. Remembered today as the father of Pocahontas.


  2. In 1621 this Wampanoag chief and his followers shared Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims. His name means "great chief."


  3. Shoshone woman who guided a certain duo in the early 19th century and has found herself as the face of a dollar coin minted from 2000 onward. Was married to fur trader Toussaint Charbonneau. Her name may mean "Bird Woman" though the etymology is disputed.


  4. Seminole leader who waged guerrilla war against the US in Florida's Everglades. Treacherously captured and imprisoned on the pretext of peace talks by Gen. Jesup.


  5. Leader of the Sauk American Indian tribe of the 1800s who had a popular biography published in his lifetime. One of the many tributes to him is the name of the NHL team of Chicago.

    Black Hawk

  6. Ottawa chief who fought the British in the Great Lakes region in the 1700s. Modern world more remembers his namesake brand of General Motors that was discontinued in 2010.


  7. Apache chief whose daughter married Geronimo. Was befriended by the US Army scout Tom Jeffords who helped him negotiate peace.


  8. Assisted John Smith and married John Rolfe. Died as an English lady in London. Story of her life popularly adapted by Disney in 1995.


  9. Senator from Kansas and the 31st Vice President of the United States. He was the first person with acknowledged Native American ancestry (Kaw) to reach either of the two highest offices in the country's executive branch. Was Hoover's running mate in 1932 when they lost to FDR.

    Charles Curtis

  10. This first Native American who made contact with the Pilgrims greeted them in English, no less!


  11. His real name was Metacomet and he was Massasoit's son but he became famous with this name and also lent his name to a bloody war between the colonists and the natives in the period of 1675–76.

    King Philip

  12. Member of the Patuxet tribe who is remembered as the Native American who taught the Pilgrims to plant corn.


  13. This Sioux chief was the most prominent leader of the natives at the Battle of the Little Bighorn whose victory he saw in a vision. Later joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show before being killed in 1890 while resisting arrest.

    Sitting Bull

  14. Of the Sac and Fox Nation, he is one of the greatest athletes who ever lived. Won Olympic gold in 1912, played American football, baseball and basketball.

    Jim Thorpe

  15. First female chief of the Cherokee Nation who participated in the occupation of Alcatraz Island in 1969 to attract attention to issues affecting Native American tribes.

    Wilma Mankiller

  16. Cherokee silversmith who is one of the few people in the human race to create a writing system entirely by themselves.


  17. Lady of Yaqui descent who represented Marlon Brando at the Oscars and conveyed his rejection of the Best Actor award to protest Hollywood's treatment of American Indians.

    Sacheen Littlefeather

  18. Lakota leader who had an important role in the victory at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. Bayoneted by a soldier at Fort Robinson, Nebraska in 1877 in captivity. A mammoth memorial to him in the Black Hills of South Dakota is still unfinished. Also the name of an American band who extensively collaborated with Neil Young.

    Crazy Horse

  19. A widely publicized pro-environment speech is attributed to this chief who is the namesake of the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.


  20. Chief of the Oglala Lakota who lead a campaign against the establishment of the Bozeman Trail of Wyoming/Montana in what became known as his namesake war of 1866–1868.

    Red Cloud

  21. Shawnee leader who resisted the United States by allying with Britain in the War of 1812. Though he aided the capture of Fort Detroit, he was eventually killed in 1813. A well-known Civil War general is named for him.


  22. Nicknamed "The Red Napoleon", this Nez Perce chief surrendered with the words "I will fight no more forever." Lead his followers for 1,170 miles across many states in a vain attempt to reach Canada.

    Chief Joseph

  23. This lady with Osage lineage gained renown as a ballerina. Was married to George Balanchine and was a major star in his New York City Ballet.

    Maria Tallchief

  24. Legendary chief of the Onondaga who is credited with the founding of the Iroquois Confederacy. He is the subject of a well-known poem by H. W. Longfellow.


  25. This Apache's original name of Goyathlay ("one who yawns") is not much remembered. Lent his name to the war cry of jumping paratroopers. Known for his multiple escapes and captures. Eventually settled into a sedentary life and even appeared in Teddy Roosevelt's inaugural parade.