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Trains and Railways

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  1. Want to see Scotland while indulging in the lap of luxury? You cannot go wrong on this line that offers five-star dining on its various routes.

    Royal Scotsman

  2. British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel is best-known for his role with this company that opened up the southern part of England to rail travel.

    Great Western Railway

  3. The Qingzang railway is noted not only for its recent completion despite huge geographic challenges but for opening up this region to the outside world.


  4. The picturesque Glenfinnan Viaduct on the West Highland Line in Scotland is famously featured in as many as three movies of this franchise, when the protagonists are journeying to resume their studies.

    Harry Potter

  5. One of the Canada's trains that runs from Vancouver to Banff or Jasper is named for this geographic feature and has been voted the most scenic train journey by a group of travel writers.

    Rocky mountains (Rocky Mountaineer)

  6. The Hejaz Railway that ran from Damascus to Medina and which was named for the region of Saudi Arabia is remembered today for its being repeatedly targeted by the forces led by this person during the days of the First World War.

    Lawrence of Arabia

  7. Till China upstaged them in the 2000s, for several decades the highest railway lines were on this continent.

    South America

  8. The route of the Orient Express which ran from 1883 to 2009 has been changed multiple times but these two cities, which were the original endpoints, are still remembered as the termini.

    Paris and Istanbul

  9. The passenger train whose route from Darwin to Adelaide neatly bisects Australia has this four-letter name, as a tribute to the camel riders of Afghanistan who helped map the country.

    The Ghan

  10. Several trains run on the Flåm Line and the Bergen Line catering to tourists visiting this country.


  11. The railway line built by the British Empire in the early part of the 20th century was named for this country and sought to connect its interior with the Kenyan coast. It was nicknamed the Lunatic Express and is associated with several incidents like the Kedong Massacre and attacks of man-eating lions, an episode of which was filmed as The Ghost and the Darkness.


  12. This technology marvel, an icon of its country that was introduced when the country was staging its Olympics in the 1960s also inspired a 1975 disaster movie starring Sonny Chiba. The movie has the same premise as the Hollywood hit Speed.

    Bullet train

  13. The appropriately named Hiram Bingham train has this magnificent destination.

    Machu Picchu

  14. The Blue Train is a famed luxury transport that runs in this country.

    South Africa

  15. The BAM railway in remote Russia that was built as an alternative to the Trans-Siberian line is named for the Amur river and this Siberian geographic marvel.

    Lake Baikal

  16. The Mukden Incident of 1931 which was the destruction of the South Manchuria Railway ultimately led to the expulsion of this country from the League of Nations.


  17. The original Orient Express no longer runs; however, a present-day luxury train that has adopted that name connects London to this city.

    Venice (Venice-Simplon Orient Express)

  18. What is a quiz on railways without a question on the Trans-Siberian railroad? It is a network of railroads which consists of three main lines: Trans-Siberina, Trans-Manchurian and this line that ends in Beijing.


  19. Three-letter name of France's high-speed rail.


  20. In 1869, the Golden Spike was driven in this American town to symbolize the linking of its coasts through railway.

    Promontory, Utah

  21. The Deccan Odyssey is among the latest entries into the luxury train market of this country which was pioneered by the Palace on Wheels.


  22. The popular Glacier Express that runs in the Swiss Alps connects Zermatt to this place that is famed as an upscale ski resort as well as for hosting the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948.

    St. Moritz

  23. Name of the Swiss transport company whose operations serve most major tourist attractions of the country. One of its routes in the Albula/Bernina area is now a UNESCO heritage site.

    Rhaetian Railway

  24. Most tourists who board the Eurostar service look forward to the experience of traveling through this section which by any reckoning is a work of engineering genius.

    Channel Tunnel

  25. Popularly called as El Chepe, the train that runs through the scenic Copper Canyon operates in this country.


  26. A 2007 drama by Wes Anderson references in its title this place in West Bengal, India to where a narrow gauge toy train has been famously running since the late 1800s.

    Darjeeling (The Darjeeling Limited)

  27. The doyen of travel writers Paul Theroux wrote The Great Railway Bazaar while traveling through Asia/Europe and The Old Patagonian Express while traveling through the Americas and Riding the Iron Rooster while traveling through this part of the world.