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Chefs and Cooks

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. Preeminent chef of early 20th century who is credited with simplifying and modernizing French cuisine. Published Le Guide Culinaire which is still used as a culinary textbook. Ho Chi Minh is said to have worked as his assistant. Created a famous dessert in honor of an opera singer.

    Auguste Escoffier (dessert - Peach Melba)

  2. Best known for her name association with another big name as in her 2005 book that is subtitled 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.

    Julie Powell (Julie and Julia)

  3. Chef who catapulted to fame with his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential and who hosts several television shows like No Reservations and Parts Unknown.

    Anthony Bourdain

  4. Chef Paul Prudhomme who is credited with popularizing Creole cuisine ran a restaurant for several years in this American city.

    New Orleans

  5. When this tv chef hosted Everyday Italian, angry viewers wrote to Food Network that they hired a model who was pretending to cook.

    Giada De Laurentiis

  6. Best known for her book Boston Cooking-School Cook Book which became a widely used culinary text.

    Fannie Farmer

  7. American chef and owner of the Chez Panisse restaurant in California who is known as a pioneer in using organic and local ingredients. On CBS' 60 Minutes, she shocked Lesly Stahl by telling her that she does not own a microwave.

    Alice Waters

  8. What to ask about Julia Child? Name her 1961 debut book and her 1963-73 television show both of which contain the word 'French'.

    Mastering the Art of French Cooking; The French Chef

  9. This present-day French chef who was called as "Chef of the Century" operates several restaurants which has a combined total of 28 Michelin Guide stars which is the most of any chef in the world.

    Joël Robuchon

  10. Character from The Muppets who would fit into this quiz as an answer.

    Swedish Chef

  11. This chef is forever associated with his namesake salad of lettuce, croutons, & anchovies which he is said to have invented at a restaurant in Tijuana out of necessity.

    Caesar Cardini

  12. Legendary French chef generally credited with establishing several traditions of haute cuisine. Cooked for Napoleon as well as for Czar Alexander I.

    Marie-Antoine Carême

  13. Character from the sitcom Friends who has an occupation as a chef.

    Monica (Geller)

  14. Name of chef Ferran Adrià's famed restaurant in Costa Brava, Spain that was frequently called the best in the world before it closed in 2011.


  15. This nickname of British chef Jamie Oliver, also a television show in which he starred, refers to his style of cooking that emphasizes quick-and-easy rather than to his style of dressing!

    The Naked Chef

  16. Contemporary American chef known for his expertise on Italian cuisine. Known for his sometimes bombastic statements as well as his feud with Gordon Ramsay.

    Mario Batali

  17. This legendary French chef who ran the restaurant La Pyramide in Lyons and who is considered the father of modern French cuisine wrote the well-regarded Ma Gastronomie.

    Fernand Point

  18. This American chef and tv personality known for his phrases "Kick it up a notch!" and "Bam!" wrote several cookbooks one of which is There's a Chef in My Soup!

    Emeril Lagasse

  19. Chef Mollie Katzen's recipe books Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest have devoted following among this group of people.


  20. This famously foul-mouthed British chef is familiar to millions through his appearances in numerous television shows like Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef.

    Gordon Ramsay

  21. "No soup for you!" if you cannot name the character played by Larry Thomas in a television series that will not be given away in the clue.

    The Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)

  22. Chef Paul Bocuse is associated with this type of cuisine, French for 'new cuisine' which eschews classic and elaborate methods for lighter dishes made with freshest ingredients with a focus on presentation.

    Nouvelle cuisine

  23. The name of chef Myrtle Allen will forever be associated with the cuisine of this nationality.


  24. Scientists Nicholas Kurti and Hervé This coined this term for taking the food down to its essentials, a practice followed by several modern-day chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Ferran Adrià, and Grant Achatz.

    Molecular gastronomy

  25. Chef Bernard Loiseau who committed suicide in 2003 over the possible downgrade of his restaurant's status is said to have inspired the character of Auguste Gusteau in this 2007 Pixar hit.


  26. British chef who is said to have pioneered the role of a modern tv chef; almost always seen with a wine glass, his colorful life included four marriages all of which ended in divorces.

    Keith Floyd

  27. A staple on Food Network, this chef appeared in several shows like Boy Meets Grill and Throwdown! with ....

    Bobby Flay

  28. Queen of the cuisine of the Southern United States and a best-selling recipe book author, she got into hot water in 2013 for her remarks regarding African Americans.

    Paula Deen

  29. The perky Rachael Ray who is known for her whimsical catchphrases like "yum-o" had this coined word of hers inducted into The Oxford American College Dictionary in 2007.


  30. Isaac Hayes and "Chocolate Salty Balls" - enuf' said!

    Chef from South Park

  31. The chef who runs the Spago chain of restaurants among others shares an attribute with composer Mozart.

    Wolfgang Puck

  32. Highly regarded awards are given annually in the name of this man who is considered the dean of American chefs. Among others he was an author, a columnist, a pioneering television cook and is linked with commercializing several food brands.

    James Beard

  33. Name of the brand created by a certain Ettore Boiardi which is associated with canned pasta products in the US.

    Chef Boyardee