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  1. This soft and salty cheese best associated with Greece is saturated in brine to stop its ripening.


  2. This cheese is named for the capital of Italy.


  3. Perhaps the most famous grating cheese, it is named for an Italian province. Best known for its use for Fettucine Alfredo.


  4. Correct name for the cheese from Switzerland with characteristic large holes.


  5. A favorite component of many Italian desserts, the name of this cheese means 'recooked'; made from whey, rather than milk.


  6. This popular pizza cheese is made from water buffalo milk and takes its name from the Italian for 'cut.'


  7. Best known blue cheese from France; legend has it that the cheese was discovered when a young shepherd, eating his lunch of bread and ewes' milk cheese, saw a beautiful girl in the distance. Abandoning his meal in a nearby cave, he ran to meet her. When he returned a few months later, the mold had transformed his plain cheese into this cheese.


  8. Named for a town in Wisconsin, it is similar to Cheddar, but does not undergo the cheddaring process.


  9. This Dutch cheese, Holland's most exported, is made in wheels with a waxed red or yellow rind; a fondue is usually made with this.


  10. Soft French cheese called the 'King of Cheeses.'


  11. This is the term for the craft of maturing and aging cheeses.


  12. This Swiss cheese is best known for its use in baking and its traditional usage in French onion soup as well as in croque-monsieur.


  13. The cheese was famously issued to French troops during World War I, becoming firmly fixed in French popular culture as a result. Named for a village in Normandy.


  14. This is a natural complex of enzymes produced in any mammalian stomach to digest the mother's milk, and often used in the production of cheese.


  15. Generic name for several related varieties of cheese, all of which resemble the Emmental and have distinctive 'eyes.'

    Swiss cheese

  16. The best way to remember this blue-veined Italian cheese is by linking it to the monster Medusa from Greek myth.


  17. This Danish cheese made from cow's milk is often flavored with caraway seeds.


  18. Carlsberg beer is from Denmark while Jarlsberg cheese is from this other Scandinavian country.


  19. There's only one name you should think of when you hear the words 'English blue cheese.'


  20. The most popular cheese in the UK; U.S. President Andrew Jackson held an open house party where a 1,400 lb block was served.


  21. A dense and crumbly cheese from England that should be named by fans of Lewis Carroll. Why are you grinning?


  22. Stinky German cheese - enough said!


  23. This French word for goat is a generic word for goat's-milk cheese.


  24. Dutch cheese that is traditionally sold as spheres with a pale yellow interior and a coat of paraffin.