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  1. Boneless top loin muscle is the 'steak' of these 2 US cities.

    New York/Kansas City

  2. The name of this cut from the side can also mean the extreme left or right side of an army.

    Flank steak

  3. A steak cut from the hip. An often quoted, but incorrect, folk etymology suggests that the name comes from the knighting by an English king of a piece of meat.

    Sirloin steak

  4. Finely chopped fillet of raw beef, onion, parsley, and capers usually served with a raw egg.

    Steak tartare

  5. From the end of a tenderloin, it is boneless but expensive.

    Filet mignon

  6. Highly seasoned and smoked cut of beef usually from the shoulder.


  7. The beef equivalent of a chicken breast.


  8. A steak made from the diaphragm that is very flavourful, but also rather tough. Types do not include mini, A-line, Pencil or Hobble.

    Skirt steak

  9. Charlie, its the cut of meat between the neck & the shoulder blade; it also is a clamp between the bit & the drill.

    Chuck steak

  10. A cut of meat, usually top round, tenderized by a fierce pounding of a mallet.

    Cube steak

  11. This large steak cut is named for a type of restaurant and contains the tenderloin & the top loin muscle.


  12. A steak from near the center of the diaphragm. Flavorful, and very tender towards the edges, but sinewy in the middle. Often called the 'butcher's tenderloin.'

    Hanger steak

  13. This cut from the shoulder blade takes the name of an iconic New York building that is considered to be one of the first skyscrapers ever built.

    Flat iron steak

  14. Usually served for two and named for a French diplomat.

    Chateaubriand steak

  15. Not a steak, but rather a patty from ground beef made with onions and occasionally mushrooms. Also a plain where Stonehenge is located.

    Salisbury steak