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Company Name Origins

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. Literally 'sunrise' in Japanese and a big 'Hit' in the world of technology.


  2. The Japanese translation is disputed, although the Chinese name is three oceans. This electronic giant is now owned by Panasonic.


  3. You get milk chocolate if you name this Swiss company whose name means 'little nest.'


  4. Take a Big Gulp and name this company renamed from UtoteM in 1946 to reflect their newly extended hours.


  5. From the college nickname of founder, Paul Orfalea. He was called ___ because he had curly red hair. Copy that.


  6. GM's luxury car division named for the explorer who founded Detroit.


  7. From the company's original name, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.


  8. Their guided missiles are literally 'light of the gods.'


  9. Beverage giant named from a digestive enzyme - just don't say Coke!


  10. 'Search' for this one which Spanish is for 'high view.'

    Alta Vista

  11. You can take it to the bank that the name of this company is from the Latin version of the German name given to a region in North Carolina.


  12. Company founder Kim Woo Chong called it ___ which means 'Great House' or 'Great Universe' in Korean. Prior to the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998, it was the second largest conglomerate in Korea after Hyundai.


  13. Meaning three stars in Korean, it is the largest conglomerate in that country.


  14. From the German for 'people's car.'


  15. Named from the Biblical character renowned for his strength.


  16. You need a good shoe to kick this one whose name is an alternate spelling of Pelea capreolus, an African antelope.


  17. This word was invented by Jonathan Swift and used in his book Gulliver's Travels. It represents a person who is repulsive in appearance and barely human. The founders liked it.


  18. A pioneer in arcade games, home video game consoles, and home computers, its name is a Japanese word used to describe a position where an opponent's stones are in danger of being captured in the board game GO.


  19. Mitch Kapor named his company after this yogic position or 'Padmasana.' Kapor used to be a teacher of Transcendental Meditation technique as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


  20. Named after company co-founder Louis ___, a Swiss-born auto racer. The company was merged into General Motors in 1917 and survives only as a brand name.


  21. This pharmaceutical giant based in Basel, Switzerland has a name that means 'new skills' in Latin.


  22. The founder says in his autobiography that when they were starting a business to sell records by mail order, "one of the girls suggested: What about ___? We're complete ___'s at business."


  23. From the creek that ran behind the house of co-founder John Warnock. Can also mean a natural building material made from sand and clay.


  24. From the Japanese name for the constellation known to Westerners as Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. ___ was formed from a merger of seven other companies, and the constellation is featured on the company's logo.


  25. The name roughly translates as 'Rising from Asia' in Hanja. Now owned by Hyundai, it is best known for the Rio.


  26. Listen - This is a Latin translation of the German name 'Horch.' The founder August Horch left the company after five years, but still wanted to manufacture cars. Since the original 'Horch' company was still there, he called his new company this.


  27. Click! Named after the Japanese name of the Buddhist bodhisattva of mercy.


  28. Prior to January 1, 2001 the company was called Andersen Consulting.


  29. Assemble the answer - its name is a composite of the first letters in the Swedish founder's name in addition to the first letters of the names of the property and the village in which he grew up.


  30. From the Latin word which means 'I roll.' Their cars don't!


  31. A world leader in providing a distributed computing platform for internet content delivery, its name is from the Hawaiian word meaning smart or clever.


  32. The founder worked at an orchard, and named the company thus to distance itself from the cold, unapproachable, complicated imagery created by other computer companies at the time.


  33. Named for the Greek goddess of victory.


  34. You deserve a cuppa if you know this company was named after a character in Herman Melville's novel Moby-Dick.


  35. Play a 'Sonata' and name this Korean giant whose name connotes the sense of 'the present age' or 'modernity' in Korean.


  36. Predict this. The code name for a CIA project which was designed to use the newly written SQL database language from IBM.