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Statues and Sculptures

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. When you think of sculptures of reclining forms that represent human bodies, this British artist who lived in Perry Green, Hertfordshire should immediately come to mind.

    Henry Moore

  2. American sculptors Duane Henson and George Segal are associated with this movement.

    Pop Art

  3. Evocative name of the contemporary sculpture created by Antony Gormley in Gateshead, England that has a 20 metres tall figure seemingly spreading wings.

    Angel of the North

  4. This famous headless statue called the "greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture" welcomes visitors from the Daru staircase in Louvre.

    Winged Victory of Samothrace (or) Nike of Samothrace

  5. Salvador Dalí created several works of surrealistic art including a special telephone in which this creature substitutes for a handle.

    Lobster (Lobster Telephone)

  6. Artist Nathan Sawaya whose work is featured in the exhibition with the title "THE ART OF THE BRICK" works with this material.

    LEGO blocks

  7. Michelangelo's masterpiece Moses complete with horns was part of this larger ensemble.

    Tomb of Pope Julius II

  8. The famous armless Venus statue, one of the most recognized works of Greek sculpture, was discovered in 1820 on this island.

    Milos (hence Venus de Milo)

  9. Sculptor of Venezuelan heritage who is known for her distinctive box-faces.

    Marisol Escobar

  10. In Rodin's The Walking Man, called as his most incomplete figure, these body parts are missing.

    Head and arms

  11. Site of the best known work of Daniel Chester French.

    Lincoln Memorial (Washington, D.C.)

  12. Grinling Gibbons is an English-sculptor who specialized in this material. His work can be seen to this day in St Paul's Cathedral as well as in Hampton Court Palace.


  13. The bronze statue of David by this 15th century Renaissance artist was the first known free-standing nude statue produced since ancient times.


  14. The Dinner Party and The Holocaust Project are two of the noted works of this American sculptor who took the name of her city as her last name.

    Judy Chicago

  15. William Rush is called the father of American sculpture and one of his best known works is a life-sized sculpture of this rather important man that had a long life in Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

    George Washington

  16. American sculptor known for his minimalist art using sheet metal. One of his works Tilted Arc, a 3.5 m rusting steel piece was forcibly removed causing him to say "To remove the work is to destroy it."

    Richard Serra

  17. This Swiss sculptor was known for his long and thin figures and his work L'Homme qui marche I sold for £58 million in 2010 making it the most expensive sculpture.

    Alberto Giacometti

  18. Discobolus depicting a man about to throw a discus is a noted action sculpture from the ancient Greeks that saw multiple adaptations - the original is usually attributed to this sculptor.


  19. One of the legends behind this whimsical statue installed in the 17th century is that it commemorates an incident in which an army was defeated by urination!

    Manneken Pis in Brussels

  20. The name of this mythic figure is usually given to most pre-historic sculptures/statues that resemble the feminine form.


  21. French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon specialized in this type of representations of famous people.


  22. Designed by Edvard Eriksen, it is only 1.25 meters high and sits on a rock and also attracts pranksters. What is it?

    The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

  23. Donatello's 1450 statue of the Italian mercenary Gattamaleta in Padua has the subject on this.


  24. 887 of these monoliths exist in a remote location of which the tallest is called Paro. What are we talking about?

    Moai of Easter Island

  25. The moment of passion of Francesca da Rimini who fell in love with her husband's brother Paolo is immortalized in the world of sculpture as this artwork.

    The Kiss by Rodin

  26. Swiss sculptor known for his sculptural machines - among his self-destructing sculptors are Homage to New York and Study for an End of the World No. 2.

    Jean Tinguely

  27. One of the greatest and most recognized Greek sculptures is Laocoön and His Sons that depicts a serpent devouring a priest and his two sons - a myth goes that he was subject to the punishment for attempting to reveal the secret of this object.

    Trojan Horse

  28. American artist who specialized in scenes of the west - along with his paintings, he is also known for the sculptures Bronco Buster and Coming Through the Rye.

    Frederic Remington

  29. The Bird Girl, a sculpture of a young girl holding two bowls has achieved fame after being featured as a cover of this book set in Savannah, Georgia.

    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

  30. The Calendar Stone or the Sun Stone which shows the solar deity Tonatiuh holding human hearts is probably the best known artifact of this civilization.


  31. The words used to describe Alexander Calder's moving and stationary works are this and this respectively.

    Mobiles (coined by Duchamp) and Stabiles (coined by Jean Arp)

  32. As of 2014, most of the 10-tallest statues in the world depict this person.


  33. Best known as the creator of the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery which were called the "Gates of Paradise" by Michelangelo.

    Lorenzo Ghiberti

  34. The name of Phidias is mentioned when asked about who the greatest of ancient Greek sculptors is. One of his creations is this work that is in the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

    Statue of Zeus at Olympia

  35. This artist whose The Mares of Diomedes was the the first piece of American sculpture bought for the Met is better known for his association with four very large busts!

    Gutzon Borglum (Mount Rushmore)

  36. This famous work which some say is a depiction of Dante was originally named The Poet and began its life as a figure in 1880 for a doorway surround called The Gates of Hell.

    The Thinker by Rodin

  37. Constantin Brâncuși who is recognized for creating Sleeping Muse, The Kiss, and The Endless Column is also known for having this work of his classified not as art but as industrial material by U.S. Customs.

    Bird in Space

  38. Sculptor Jacob Epstein's best-known art piece straight out of a construction site is this one that he subsequently destroyed; it has been compared to battle droids of the Star Wars franchise.

    Rock Drill

  39. The 1881 sculpture Little Dancer of Fourteen Years was created by this artist best-known for painting ballet scenes.

    Edgar Degas

  40. The tallest statue of a woman in the world is this statue that commemorates a bitter conflict.

    The Motherland Calls in Volgograd, Russia.

  41. The centerpiece of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a object designed by Claes Oldenburg that shows this red object in a gigantic spoon.

    Cherry (Spoonbridge and Cherry)

  42. The proposed The Statue of Unity, a 182 m. monument of Vallabhbhai Patel is a planned project about to take off in this country. Upon its completion, it will be the tallest statue in the world.


  43. Mannerism artist Cellini's best-known work is a masterpiece that features an episode from Greek myth and depicts these two persons, one holding the head of the other.

    Perseus and Medusa (Perseus with the Head of Medusa)

  44. A myth spread by the Greeks and Romans who sought to paint the ancient peoples as barbarians says that this statue was burnt by the Druids as sacrifice; in modern times, this was the focus of a cult British horror film also remade in Hollywood with Nicholas Cage in it.

    Wicker man

  45. The statue of Merlion, traditionally a creature with a lion head and a fish body, represents this tiny and prosperous country and is one of its tourist attractions.


  46. Name the mountain on which the Christ the Redeemer statue stands in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


  47. Patience and Fortitude are two-marble lions that stand at the entrance of this New York city landmark.

    New York Public Library

  48. Hermes and the Infant Dionysus is one of the works attributed to this ancient Greek who is said to have pioneered sculpting nude female form.


  49. The famous Terracotta Army found in Xi'an, China were originally created to protect this first Emperor of China in his afterlife.

    Qin Shi Huang

  50. Frédéric Bartholdi, familiar to millions as the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty also created a huge sculpture of this animal in Belfort, France symbolizing French resistance of Prussia.

    Lion (Lion of Belfort)