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Labors of Hercules

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. The 3rd labor in which he had to capture this swift beast that was sacred to Artemis.

    Ceryneian hind

  2. Hercules had only ten labors originally - these two were not counted as he took help.

    Killing the Lernaean hydra and Cleaning the Augean stables

  3. In this 9th labor, he impressed an Amazonian queen with his muscles and she just gave him what he wanted - this.

    Girdle (of the Amazon Queen)

  4. 10th labor - he was required to travel to Erytheia, in order to obtain these bovines.

    Cattle of Geryon

  5. The 2nd labor - he had to slay this beast that kept sprouting heads.

    (Lernaean) hydra

  6. 7th labor - he was compelled to capture this bull on an island as his seventh task.

    Cretan bull

  7. It all started with him killing this beast whose fur was impenetrable to arrows.

    The Nemean lion

  8. When Hercules was cutting the heads of this beast, Iolaus helped him by cauterizing the open stumps.

    The Laearnian hydra

  9. The rivers Alpheus and Peneus had a lot to do with this 5th labor.

    Cleaning the Augean stables

  10. 8th labor - capture the 4 man-eating horses called Podagros (the fast), Lampon (the shining), Xanthos (the blond) and Deinos (the terrible) whose madness was attributed to a diet of human flesh.

    Mares of Diomedes

  11. The 3-headed dog the dude had to fetch from the gates of Hades.

    Cerberus (12th)

  12. His 4th labor in which he had to capture this wild pig.

    Erymanthian Boar

  13. Maybe we should thank this cousin of Hercules who set these tasks and gave us so many adventures to read.


  14. In this penultimate labor, he tricks Atlas into carrying the skies.

    Steal the Apples of the Hesperides

  15. 6th labor - he used bronze clappers to scare these birds and then shot them as they flew away.

    Stymphalian birds