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Caps, Hats and Headwear

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. Commonly referred to as a Derby, it is worn by Charlie Chaplin's Tramp.

    Bowler hat

  2. Hat with a front-to-back crease most associated with Indiana Jones. The British call it a trilby.


  3. Most commonly worn male headgear in Early Netherlandish painting; this word also denotes an older person who accompanies young unmarried maidens.


  4. The toque is a type of hat with a narrow brim and is most associated with members of this profession in the present day.


  5. This lace or silk scarf often worn over a high comb is popular with women in Spain and Latin America.


  6. It is a small skullcap worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church; the colour denotes the wearer's rank: the pope's is white, those worn by cardinals are red or scarlet.


  7. Scottish bonnet which was named after a character in the poem of that name by Robert Burns.

    Tam o' Shanter

  8. A wide-brimmed hat trimmed with an ostrich plume. They get their name from supporters of King Charles I during the English Civil War. Not a roundhead.

    Cavalier hat

  9. Woman's hat popularized in the 1920's by flappers. The name is from the French for 'bell.'


  10. Similar to fedoras, but with a narrower brim. The hat's name derives from a play based on George du Maurier's 1894 novel.


  11. A traditional Scottish cap named after a castle. Come on, how many Scottish castles can you think of?.


  12. Headgear historically worn by European women over their long hair - the most common form resembles a close-fitting hood worn over the back of the head; also the fleshy growth hanging down over a male turkey's beak.


  13. This wide-brimmed Mexican hat has also lent itself to the name of a galaxy in the constellation Virgo.


  14. A soft round cap associated with all elite units, not just the 'green' ones.


  15. The stovepipe hat is best associated with this US president .


  16. The chupalla, a horseman hat made of straw, is worn in this 'cold' South American country.


  17. The Ushanka hat is associated with this country.


  18. A karakul hat is made from the wool of sheep and is worn by Muslim men in Central and South Asia. It was very popular among Soviet leaders and is seen on this President of Afghanistan.

    Hamid Karzai

  19. The kufi is a cap worn by people from this continent.


  20. The Phrygian cap is a soft conical cap associated in antiquity with the inhabitants of Phrygia, a region of central Anatolia; in legend, this king of the golden touch ruled in this region.


  21. The kippah is a skullcap worn by observant Jews and is also known by this 'y' word.


  22. Spodik, shtreimel are associated with?


  23. A fold-able cap with straight sides and a creased crown, it is associated with various military forces. Not surprisingly, the name of this cap is from a word meaning a body of troops stationed in a particular location.

    Garrison cap

  24. Italian hat company known particularly for its fedoras.


  25. A red felt hat in the shape of a truncated cone; also a city in Morocco.


  26. Similar to a Trilby or a Fedora, but this hat with a porcine name has a flat top.

    Pork pie hat

  27. A type of hat that is typically worn in rural areas, often for hunting. Because of the hat's popular association with Sherlock Holmes, it is also a stereotypical hat of a detective.


  28. A silk-brimmed, black felt Homburg named for a British PM, not paradise.

    Anthony Eden hat

  29. The capuchon, a cone-shaped ceremonial hat is worn during this celebration in Louisiana, best associated with a New Orleans parade.

    Mardi Gras

  30. Traditional headgear of the Yeomen Warders, the guards at the Tower of London; they do eat all type of meat.

    Beefeaters' hat

  31. The bicorne hat is most readily associated with this person - did he take it with him into his exile at St. Helena?

    Napoléon Bonaparte

  32. The salakot is a traditional wide-brimmed hat in this country where Douglas MacArthur vowed to return.

    The Philippines