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US College Football Stadiums

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. University of Alabama's stadium in Tuscaloosa was originally named just for George H. Denny. It was later modified to include the name of this legendary coach.

    Paul "Bear" Bryant

  2. The Carrier Dome, the largest domed stadium of any college campus, is home to the football team of this university in the state of New York. They also wear orange.


  3. Michie Stadium named for Dennis Michie who formed the Army football team in 1890 is here.

    U.S. Military Academy (West Point)

  4. The appropriately named Big House, the largest stadium in the US, is the home of this football powerhouse.


  5. Sanford Stadium, known for its hedges and for its numerous expansions, is home to this team of the Southeastern Conference.

    Georgia Bulldogs

  6. Ohio Stadium, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes, has this "lucky" nickname for its shape.

    The Horseshoe

  7. A violent incident called "Camp Randall Crush" occurred on October 30, 1993 during a game between Michigan and this team that plays its home games at Camp Randall.


  8. The stadium of this university is named for coach LaVell Edwards who is also a Mormon.

    Brigham Young

  9. The home of USC Trojans that also hosted two Olympics (1932, 1984) has this name evoking Roman times.

    The Coliseum

  10. Memorial Stadium in Lincoln is nicknamed "The Sea of ___" this color, from the uniform of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.


  11. The Iron Bowl, one of the most storied rivalries in college sports, takes places alternately at the Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and this other stadium in Auburn.

    Jordan-Hare Stadium

  12. The locker room at Neyland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, is named for this illustrious ward who was the MVP of Super Bowl XLI (2007).

    Peyton Manning

  13. Bronco Stadium, the only stadium in NCAA Division I to have a non-traditional playing field color of blue (instead of green), is the home field of?

    Boise State

  14. The Amon G. Carter Stadium, traditionally the home of the Army-Navy game, has this nickname from the area's wild west past.

    Hell's Half-Acre

  15. Both the Memorial Stadium of Clemson and the Tiger Stadium of LSU have this nickname - also the name of a bleak national park in California.

    Death Valley

  16. Not many people may know who plays at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, but if you give this name, they will tell you that it is the Florida Gators.

    The Swamp

  17. The movies Knute Rockne All American (1940) and Rudy (1993) had scenes shot in the stadium of this university.

    Notre Dame

  18. The home field of UCLA hosts this oldest bowl game traditionally played on New Years Day.

    Rose Bowl