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Boxer by Nickname

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. The Count of Monte Fisto

    Apollo Creed

  2. Iron Mike

    Mike Tyson

  3. Six Heads

    Andrew Lewis

  4. Buster

    James Douglas

  5. Livermore Larupper

    Max Baer

  6. Sweet Pea

    Pernell Whitaker

  7. Raging Bull

    Jake LaMotta

  8. Mighty Atom, Ghost with the Hammer in his Hand, Tylorstown Terror

    Jimmy Wilde

  9. Bulldog of Bergen, Pride of the Irish, Pride of New Jersey, Cinderella Man

    James Braddock

  10. Bonecrusher

    James Smith

  11. Marvelous

    Marvin Halger

  12. Manassa Mauler

    Jack Dempsey

  13. Boston Bonecrusher, Boston Terror, Boston Tar Baby

    Sam Langford

  14. Lights Out

    James Toney

  15. The Old Mongoose

    Archie Moore

  16. Macho

    Hector Camacho

  17. Blood

    Mitch Green

  18. The Pazmanian Devil

    Vinny Pazienza

  19. Big Daddy

    Riddick Bowe

  20. The Beast

    John Mugabi

  21. The Greatest

    Mohammed Ali

  22. The Hitman

    Tommy Hearns

  23. The Lion

    Lennox Lewis

  24. Big George

    George Foreman

  25. Butterbean

    Eric Esche

  26. The Boilermaker

    Jim Jeffries

  27. Michigan Assassin

    Stanley Ketchel

  28. The Body Snatcher

    Mike McCallum

  29. Ruby

    Bob Fitzsimmons

  30. The Real Deal, The Warrior

    Evander Holyfield

  31. The Executioner

    Bernard Hopkins

  32. Galveston Giant

    Jack Johnson

  33. Hands of Stone

    Roberto Duran

  34. Boom Boom

    Ray Mancini

  35. The Acorn, Black Destroyer

    Earnie Shavers

  36. The Italian Stallion

    Rocky Balboa

  37. Brown Bomber

    Joe Louis

  38. The Brockton Blockbuster

    Rocky Marciano