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Extinct Animals

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. The last member of the passenger pigeon, the poster child of 20th century extinctions, died in the zoo of this American city in 1914.


  2. Africa's only native bear that survived into modern times was the species named for these mountains of Morocco.


  3. This subspecies of the zebra which went extinct around the 1900s. Q for?


  4. This creature whose name means "ancient wing" in Greek is often regarded as the oldest bird. How many words you known end with "yx"?


  5. Thousands of mamos, birds that were endemic to this island chain, went into the making of the famous yellow cloak of King Kamehameha I.


  6. Primitive type of wild ox prominent in cave art. Hunted for ages by humans and written about even by Julius Caeser. Featured prominently in the 2012 movie Beasts of the Southern Wild.


  7. The Diprotodon which has the distinction of being the largest marsupial that ever lived might have inspired the mythical bunyip which can be found in several stories of these people.

    Aborgines (Australia)

  8. Famous site in the middle of Los Angeles where bones of thousands of pre-historic creatures were discovered in the early part of the 20th century.

    La Brea Tar Pits

  9. The Whēkau, a species of owl endemic to New Zealand, was described with this adjective.


    (Laughing owl)

  10. Of the 9 subsepecies of the tiger, 3 are sadly extinct. Name any 2 of the 3.

    Bali, Caspian, Javan

  11. The first attempt to revive an extinct subspecies was made in the 2000s on this animal native to the Iberian peninsula.

    Pyrenean ibex

  12. Everyone knows the sabretooth tiger...let us talk a different kind. In the world of Marvel Comics, Sabretooth is the arch-enemy of this mutant.


  13. The warrah, which in 1876 became the first known canid to have gone extinct in history, was endemic to these islands that were the cause of a major war in 1982.


  14. The Madeiran large white and the Xerces Blue, that went extinct, were types of these creatures.


  15. This subspecies of the Greater Prairie Chicken that went extinct in 1932 was once so common in New England that it was regarded as a poor man's food.

    Heath hen

  16. Though the etymology of 'dodo' seems unclear, some sources state that it meant "stupid" in this language.


  17. Some bird watchers in the US refuse to believe that this species of the woodpecker is not extinct and have been scouring the southeastern forests for elusive sighting.

    Ivory-billed woodpecker

  18. Order of fish that was thought to be extinct but whose discovery in 1938 by Captain Hendrick Goosen off the South African coast caused great excitement in the scientific world.


  19. A paleontologist advanced a theory that the single socket in the skull of the extinct dwarf elephant might be the basis for this race of giants in Greek myth, one of whom was outwitted by Odysseus.


  20. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this extinct life-form organizes a Caucus race.


  21. Eldey, a small island off Iceland, was the site of the killing of the last pair of this "great" bird in 1844.

    Greak auk

  22. The golden toad, now a symbol for the fight against the extinction of amphibians, once lived in the tropical forests near Monteverde in this country.

    Costa Rica

  23. The title of the first book in author Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children series mentions the clan of this animal.

    Cave bear

    (Clan of the Cave Bear)

  24. Extinct group of marine invertebrate, whose members had distinct coiled shells, that got this name from an Egyptian god who was always depicted wearing ram's horns.


    (Egyptian god - Amun)

  25. The elephant bird of Madagascar might be the inspiration for the rukh/roc, seen in the tales of this oriental adventurer.

    Sindbad the Sailor

  26. British author who writes on extinct species and who is best known for The Great Auk.

    Errol Fuller

  27. Related to the dugong and the manatee was this beast of the seas described as a "gentle giant" by its discoverer. By 1768, 27 years after it had been discovered by Europeans, it was extinct.

    Steller's sea cow

  28. The dodo was endemic to this part of the world.


  29. One of the more recent high-profile species to go extinct is the baiji, the river dolphin that was found only in this water body.

    Yangtze river

  30. A favorite of crossword setters is this 3-letter bird that went extinct around the 1400s because of overhunting by the Māori.


  31. Roar if you can add the appendage to - Barbary, Cape, and Cave - and come up with three extinct species.


  32. The thylacine, largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times, has this better known name.

    Tasmanian tiger

  33. Paleontologists love the Nemegt Basin in this foreboding part of the world for its fossil finds.

    Gobi desert

  34. The only parrot species that had a natural habitat in the United States.

    Carolina parakeet