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US Presidents - Nicknames

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. His Fraudulency, Granny Hayes

    Rutherford B. Hayes (19th, 1877-1881)

  2. Jerry

    Gerald R. Ford (38th, 1974-1977)

  3. The Schoolmaster, Big One of the Peace Conference

    Woodrow Wilson (28th, 1913-1921)

  4. The Little Magician, Little Van, Martin Van Ruin

    Martin Van Buren (8th, 1837-1841)

  5. Bill, Bubba, Slick Willie, Comeback Kid

    Bill Clinton (42nd, 1993-2001)

  6. The New Dealer, That Man in the White House

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd, 1933-1945)

  7. Father of the Constitution

    James Madison (4th, 1809-1817)

  8. The Preacher, The Teacher President, Martyr President

    James A. Garfield (20th, 1881)

  9. The Great Engineer

    Herbert Hoover (31st, 1929-1933)

  10. Ike

    Dwight David Eisenhower (34th, 1953-1961)

  11. Poppy

    George H.W. Bush (41st, 1989-1993)

  12. Young Hickory, Napolean of the Stump

    James Knox Polk (11th, 1845-1849)

  13. Young Hickory of the Granite Hills

    Franklin Pierce (14th, 1853-1857)

  14. Silent Cal

    Calvin Coolidge (30th, 1923-1929)

  15. Accidental President, Old Man Eloquent

    John Quincy Adams (6th, 1825-1829)

  16. Hero of San Juan Hill, The Bull Moose

    Theodore Roosevelt (26th, 1901-1909)

  17. Honest Abe, The Railsplitter, The Great Emancipator

    Abraham Lincoln (16th, 1861-1865)

  18. Dutch, The Gipper, Ronnie, The Great Communicator

    Ronald Reagan (40th, 1981-1989)

  19. Ten-Cent Jimmy, Bachelor President, Old Buck

    James Buchanan (15th, 1857-1861)

  20. Jack

    John F. Kennedy (35th, 1961-1963)

  21. Little Ben, White House Iceberg

    Benjamin Harrison (23rd, 1889-1893)

  22. Wobbly Warren

    Warren G. Harding (29th, 1921-1923)

  23. Old Rough and Ready

    Zachary Taylor (12th, 1849-1850)

  24. Tippecanoe, Old Granny

    William Henry Harrison (9th, 1841)

  25. His Accidency (1841-1845)

    John Tyler (10th, 1841-1845)

  26. King Andy, Sir Veto

    Andrew Johnson (17th, 1865-1869)

  27. Big Daddy

    Lyndon B Johnson (36th, 1963-1969)

  28. Old Hickory, Sharp Knife, King Andrew the First

    Andrew Jackson (7th, 1829-1837)

  29. Big Bill

    William Howard Taft (27th, 1909-1913)

  30. Elegant Arthur, Our Chet, Prince Arthur

    Chester A. Arthur (21st, 1881-1885)

  31. Last Cocked Hat

    James Monroe (5th, 1817-1825)

  32. Wobbly Willie, Idol of Ohio, Napolean of Protection

    William McKinley (25th, 1897-1901)

  33. Tricky Dick

    Richard Nixon (37th, 1969-1974)

  34. Junior, Dubya

    George W. Bush (43rd, 2001-)

  35. Father of Our Country, That Old Fox

    George Washington (1st, 1789-1797)

  36. Uncle Jumbo, Buffalo Hangman, His Obstinacy

    Grover Cleveland (22nd, 24th, 1885-1889, 1893-1897)

  37. Jimmy

    James Earl Carter (39th, 1977-1981)

  38. His Rotundity, Colossus of Independence, Duke of Braintree

    John Adams (2nd, 1797-1801)

  39. The Haberdasher, Give 'Em Hell Harry

    Harry S Truman (33rd, 1945-1953)

  40. Useless, Unconditional Surrender, Hero of Appomattox

    Ulysses S. Grant (18th, 1869-1877)

  41. Sage of Monticello, Philosopher of Democracy

    Thomas Jefferson (3rd, 1801-1809)

  42. His Accidency (1850-1853)

    Millard Fillmore (13th, 1850-1853)