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French Cities

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  1. Had the name Octeville appended to it in 2000; best known to the outside world because of a 1964 French musical film directed by Jacques Demy whose title suggests it rains a lot here.


    Movie is (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

  2. This city has a reputation for Gastronomy and is associated with the Lumière brothers of Cinema; international headquarters of Interpol.


  3. City on the Mediterranean nicknamed 'the beautiful' - not surprising with a name like this! The second-most visited place in France after Paris.


  4. This city played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the crowning of the kings of France; its cathedral was to French kings what Westminster Abbey is to British monarchs.


  5. Best known city of the region of Brittany, it is also known for a famous religious Edict issued in 1598.


  6. This commune in Northern France, with its waterlilies, is best known for its association with Monet.


  7. This port city on the Garonne River in southwest France is the world's major wine industry capital.


  8. Jeans fabric, or denim, originated independently in two places: from India and this French town from which 'denim' gets its name.


  9. The 732 AD Battle of Tours is also known as the Battle of this city; the city is also known for another pivotal 1356 AD during the Hundred Years' War.


  10. The Louvre opened a branch in 2012 in this commute of northern France that was once known for its coal mining.


  11. Joan of Arc is nicknamed as the Maid of this city.


  12. One of the bases of the European aerospace industry; among others, it has the largest space centre in Europe.


  13. City best known as 'City of Popes' because of the presence of popes and antipopes from 1309 to 1423 during the Catholic schism.


  14. This city was the historic capital city of Normandy and had its heyday in the Middle Ages; probably best known as the place where Joan of Arc was burnt in 1431.


  15. Town about 60 miles from Paris that is famous for its magnificent 13th century cathedral; site of Christian pilgrimage since the Middle Ages; the stained glass windows are known for their renowned blue color.


  16. Mustard.


  17. This town overlooks the Strait of Dover, (the narrowest point in the English Channel), and is the closest French town to England; during WWII, the Allies carried out a deception campaign intended to convince the Germans that the D-Day invasion would come around here instead of in Normandy.


  18. City on the Rhone river known for its association with the Roman empire; famed for its 1st century arena Les Arenas and the church of St. Trophime; the sculpture Venus of ___, (now in the Louvre) was found here; Vincent van Gogh lived lived here in 1888-1889 and produced over 300 paintings.


  19. The principal city of the Alsace region in northeastern France, and has a strong German influence owing to its location; its historic city centre, the Grande Île (Grand Island), was classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, the first time such an honor was placed on an entire city center.


  20. City best known as the host to a famous '24 Hours' sports car race since 1923.

    Le Mans

  21. The inhabitants of this city may claim perfection of its local spoken French but it is best known to the outside world as the city of a 732 AD battle that had huge repercussions on world history.


  22. Located on the French Riviera, this city is known today for its famous and wealthy summertime guests; it has been dubbed the 'playground to jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires.'


  23. Porcelain.


  24. You can watch a lot of movies in this best-known city of the French Riviera.


  25. Synonymous with evacuation.


  26. Albertville, Grenoble and this city are the 3 French cities to have hosted the Winter Olympics.


    (host of 1st Winter Olympics)

  27. France's largest commercial port and the largest French city on the Mediterranean coast.