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  1. Ardennes Forest in Belgium was the site of this major 1944 WWII battle.

    Battle of the Bulge

  2. Largest mangrove forest in the world that is spread over the border of Bangladesh and India which is one of the major reserves for the Bengal tiger.


  3. Monteverde in Costa Rica, a major ecotourism destination, is home to this type of forest which is characterized by dankness and persistent fog.

    Cloud forest

  4. The Hoia Forest in this country where a photograph of a UFO was taken in 1968 is known for attracting believers in the paranormal.


  5. Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon has a site where a trap is laid to capture this legendary human-like creature that is said inhabit the Pacific Northwest rainforests.


  6. Ashdown Forest in England which was the hunting ground for royalty since medieval times is more famous for being the setting of this beloved children's book series.


  7. Mirkwood, Fangorn, Lothlorien, and Ithilien are some of the forests in this realm.

    Tolkien's Middle-earth

  8. The biome characterized by coniferous forests spread throughout the northern parts of Russia and Canada is called by this five-letter term.


  9. This second largest rainforest in the world is thankfully not subject to as much deforestation as Amazon.

    Congo Rainforest

  10. Located in southeastern Alaska, this 17 million acre expanse is the largest national forest of the United States.


  11. The Inyo National Forest in the western part of the US contains not only the oldest existing trees but also this mountain, the tallest in the country's 48 contiguous states.

    Mount Whitney

  12. The Valdivia rain forest of South America takes its name from a city in this country.


  13. Name the forest associated with Robin Hood.


  14. General Sherman, the tree with the single largest mass-and-volume in the world, is in this American forest which is also a designated national park.


  15. The oldest surviving rainforest in the world, the Daintree forest is located in this country.


  16. Most visitors to the Black Hills National Forest in the United States do not miss this man-made monument.

    Mount Rushmore

  17. The Bwindi ... Forest in Uganda has this adjective in its name itself because of its dense nature from the bamboo plants that are spread among the larger trees.


  18. The Anji Grand National Bamboo Forest in eastern China was the backdrop of a graceful fight scene in this 2000 worldwide hit.

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  19. In Japan's Aokigahara forest, there are several warning signs against this.


  20. Gets its name because of how well the dense trees block the sun; food lovers will know about the ham or cake named for it.

    Black Forest

  21. The primeval Białowieża Forest that straddles Poland and Belarus is mentioned throughout this 2007 bestselling book by Alan Weisman that imagines what Earth would be like without people.

    The World Without Us

  22. The Red Forest, now a 10-square km. exclusion zone, gets its name from the color of the pine trees which died because of this 1986 incident.


  23. The Ituri Rainforest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to this diminutive ethnic group.


  24. Popular play of Shakespeare featuring a romance between Rosalind and Orlando set in the Forest of Arden.

    As You Like It

  25. John Boorman's environment-themed 1985 movie The Emerald Forest is set here.


  26. Pench forest reserve in India is the setting for this beloved 1894 collection of stories.

    The Jungle Book

  27. The pillar-like formations in the Zhangjiajie National Forest inspired this landscape feature in 2009's Avatar.

    The floating Hallelujah Mountains

  28. Wartburg Castle in Germany's Thuringian Forest was the place where this important figure in religious history lived in exile.

    Martin Luther