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Flags of Nations

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. Country whose flag has a black, red, and white Masai shield in its center.


  2. The flag of this country, whose five triangles represent the Five Pillars of Islam, is often mistaken for the flag of Qatar (which has maroon instead of this country's red).


  3. Four countries (apart from the UK) whose flag contains the Union Jack.

    Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tuvalu

  4. A very distinctive black Basotho hat is in the center of the flag of this African country with a very unique geographical location.


  5. After the Velvet Divorce of 1993, this country retained the original country.

    Czech Republic

  6. This country's flag resembles the 'Stars and Stripes' of the United States - however, it has eleven stripes (not thirteen) for the signatories of its Declaration of Independence and a star in the canton represents the freedom of the ex-slaves.


  7. This African country which borders Niger and Sudan has a flag that is almost identical to the flag of Romania, except for a variation in a shade of blue.


  8. A lion, which represents the Sinhalese ethnicity, holds a sword called kastane on this Asian island nation's distinctive flag.

    Sri Lanka

  9. Not surprisingly, a silhouette of a bird of paradise appears on the flag of this island nation.

    Papua New Guinea

  10. The current design of this country's flag is derived from a flag of the Ottoman empire which in turn is based on a legendary dream of one of its rulers.


  11. The gold saltire of this Caribbean country's flag is for the Scottish and Irish roots of much of the population, while black, green, and gold represent the country's black majority population.


  12. Country with the words 'Ordem E Progresso' on its flag.


  13. The flag of this country which lies northwest of Trinidad and Tobago features the nutmeg, highlighting its past as the "Isle of Spice."


  14. This land-locked and sparsely populated Asian country's flag features the very distinctive Soyombo which is a collection of representations of fire, sun, moon, earth, water, and the Taijitu in a column.


  15. This European country's flag adopted in 1998 contains seven full five-pointed white stars and two half stars top and bottom along the hypotenuse of a yellow triangle.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  16. Country with the eagle and the cactus on its flag.


  17. A legend says that the bands on this country's flag, the second-oldest after Denmark, are because of a Duke's clothing being touched and untouched by blood in a battle.


  18. This country's flag used to be solid green until a recent revolution caused a change and the country reverted to the original design of 1951.


  19. Colloquially called the "la Rojigualda" (red-weld), the basic design of this country's flag has stayed the same for centuries.


  20. Only two countries to have a dragon on their flags.

    Bhutan and Wales

  21. Only national flag to have human beings depicted on it.


  22. The flag of this country born in 1971 originally had its map on the red disc in the middle, but the map was removed because of difficulty in representation on either side of the flag.


  23. Till Kosovo also did it in 2008, this was the only country with its map on its flag.


  24. Country with two symbols on either side of its flag.


  25. The flag of this double land-locked tiny European nation is identical to that of Haiti - while Haiti's has a coat of arms, this country's flag has a crown.


  26. This country's flag features the Eagle of Saladin in its center white band.


  27. Hinomaru (or sun-disc) is the only symbol on its flag.


  28. The three colours in this flag stand for the three historical provinces of Transylvania, Þara Româneascã (also called Muntenia) and Moldova.


  29. If you turn this country's flag upside down, you can use it as the flag of Poland. It is also similar to the flag of Monaco.


  30. The Southern Cross and the Commonwealth Star collectively make up the six flags seen on this country's flag.


  31. This country's flag had more changes during the 20th century than any other country in the world. Its current version finalized in 2004 incorporated the shahadah in the center.


  32. Napolean's conquests had a lot to do with the present colors of this country's flag.


  33. The 24-spoke wheel in the center of this country's flag is named for the ancient Emperor Ashoka.


  34. Country with a five-cross flag; a central red one that touches all corners, and four small red ones in each quadrant.


  35. Till it adopted a new flag in 2001, this country which saw a genocide in the 1990s, had a 'R' on its flag.


  36. The flags of these two countries are square.

    Switzerland and the Vatican City

  37. The 10 stars on it's flag represent it's main islands that form a chain off the coast of West Africa.

    Cape Verde

  38. The black star on this African country's flag was adopted from the symbol of a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey; its talented football team get its nickname of the Black Stars from it.


  39. With 27 white five-pointed stars, this country's flag has the most stars of any other than the United States.


  40. The flag of this African country is similar to that of the flag of Ireland, but the latter has the colors reversed.

    Ivory Coast

  41. The current-day version of this country's flag finalized in 2008 incorporates the Takbir (the Arabic term for the phrase Allāhu Akbar) rendered in green in the middle white band.


  42. The green of its flag represents Islam and the sword stands for the the founding dynasty of the country. You can also see the shahada inscription written in Thuluth script.

    Saudi Arabia

  43. The design of this tiny country's flag consists of three vertical bands and is influenced by the flags of France and Spain, the two states that protect its independence.


  44. The red and blue yin-and-yang like circle in this country's flag is called the Taeguk.

    South Korea

  45. The five blue five-pointed stars arranged in an X pattern centered in the white band on this country's flag represent the five nations of the former Federal Republic of Central America and the hope that the nations may form a union again.


  46. The Sun of May appears on the flags of these two South American countries.

    Argentina and Uruguay

  47. The two keys on this country's flag represent the keys to Heaven given by Jesus Christ to St. Peter.

    Vatican City

  48. This countrys' flag is the oldest.


  49. IKEA adapted the yellow and blue of its home country's flag - this.


  50. Country with an AK-47 rifle on its flag.


  51. The flag of this Asian country whose 14 red and white stripes resembles that of the United States has a 14-point star called as the Bintang Persekutuan in its canton.


  52. This Caribbean country's flag features the sisserou parrot as the bird is endemic to the island.


  53. This country came up with a stylized yellow sun on its flag after Greece forced it to remove the Vergina Sun from its earlier version.


  54. In 2004, Chad asked the UN to examine the case of its flag similarity to that of this country but this country's president Ion Iliescu ruled out any changes to it's flag.


  55. The tulip-like symbol in middle of this country's flag are a stylized composite of various Islamic elements and were adopted in 1980 following a revolution.


  56. The sun and its rays on this country's flag represents the country's first group of provinces that started the 1896 revolution against Spain, while its three stars represent the island groups of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


  57. Not surprisingly, this country's flag features the temple of Angkor Wat.


  58. An urban legend about the similarity in the flags of Bahrain and this country's flag says that the red color of Bahrain weathered in the sun into its maroon.


  59. Just like Texas is the Lone Star State within the US, this South American country's flag has a similar name in Spanish asLa Estrella Solitaria.


  60. The soapstone bird featured on this African country's flag represents a similar statuette found near the ruins of a great empire that ruled it centuries ago.


  61. The red crested crane can be seen on the flag of this African country.


  62. This country's flag is not a quadrilateral.


  63. The motif of a forest in winter, with blue sky, black line of trees, and white snow, is sometimes used for bands of the flag of this Baltic republic.


  64. On this country's flag you find a green cedar tree, symbolizing immortality.


  65. This flag includes the Resplendent Quetzal, the national bird that symbolizes liberty.


  66. Stripes on this countries flag mean 'Elutheria A Thantos' (Freedom or Death).