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Palaces and Castles

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. Renaissance palace in Florence, Italy that was designed by Brunellesschi, called the 1st great architect of the Italian Renaissance.


  2. The Hampton court Palace was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey, a favorite of this king around 1514; in 1529, as Wolsey fell from favor, the palace was passed to him. Looks like it was not just wives who fell out of favor for him.

    King Henry VIII

  3. Palace in Vienna that is the official residence of the President of Austria and the Habsburg dynaties' principal winter residence; birthplace of Marie Antoinette in 1755.

    Hofburg Palace

  4. This series of palaces/gardens in Saint Petersburg created on the orders of Peter the Great are called the 'Russian Versailles.'

    Peterhof Palace

  5. Historical residence of the king of Spain.

    El Escorial

  6. The Malacañang Palace is the official residence and workplace of the president of this Asian country.

    The Philippines

  7. This cast-iron and glass building in Hyde Park, London was built to house the Great Exhibition of 1851; it was destroyed in a fire in 1936.

    The Crystal Palace

  8. 'The' palace in Granada, Spain built by the Moors.


  9. This magnificent Chinese imperial palace that housed royalty from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

    Forbidden City

  10. The Sistine Chapel is the best-known chapel in this palace, the official residence of the Pope in Vatican City.

    Apostolic Palace

  11. The central gallery of the Palace of Versailles that is renowned as being one of the most famous rooms in the world; the principal feature is the seventeen mirror-clad arches that reflect the seventeen arcaded windows that overlook the gardens.

    The Hall of Mirrors

  12. The Lake Palace built on Lake Pichola, Udaipur has featured in the Bond movie Octopussy and has been voted as the most romantic hotel in this country.


  13. The Drottningholm Palace is the private residence of the royalty of this country (notice the last 4 letters if you are stumped!).


  14. Castle built in Bavaria, Germany by 'Mad King' Ludwig and served as the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle.


  15. This Japanese castle served as the residence for many shoguns and became the Tokyo Imperial Palace after the Meiji restoration.

    Edo Castle

  16. This palace in Honolulu, Hawaii is the only royal palace used as an official residence by a reigning monarch in the US; means 'heavenly bird.'


  17. Very hard to 'top' this palace in Istanbul that was the official residence for the Ottoman Sultans from 1465 to 1853.


  18. Summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia near Berlin built in Rococo style.


  19. The magnificent Schönbrunn Palace, a 1,400-room Rococo summer residence is a major attraction of this European city.

    Vienna, Austria

  20. This 1482 construction that changed hands several times is now with Ghana and is synonymous with slave trade owing to its location on the Gulf of Guinea.

    Elmina Castle

  21. The only non-royal non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace, it is notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of Winston Churchill.

    Blenheim Palace

  22. The Coconut Palace in Manila was commissioned by this lady for the Pope's visit; not sure how many pairs of shoes are in the wardrobe.

    Imelda Marcos

  23. A palace named Iranistan that existed from 1848 to 1857 was built by this showman.

    P. T. Barnum

  24. Wartburg Castle in Germany's Thuringian Forest was the place where this important figure in religious history lived in exile.

    Martin Luther

  25. 'The' palace of France and the best known symbol of absolute monarchy.


  26. Bran Castle that is located on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia in Romania is marketed as the home of this sinister figure.


  27. This London home and primary residence of the British monarch located in Westminster has always been a focus for the British people at times of national rejoicing and crisis.

    Buckingham Palace

  28. This castle in Berkshire, England is the longest-occupied palace in Europe and the largest inhabited castle in the world; William the Conqueror chose its site; It was also badly damaged by fire in November 1992.

    Windsor Castle

  29. From 1732 to 1917, this was the official residence of the Russian monarchs; the storming of the palace in 1917 became an iconic symbol of the Russian Revolution.

    Winter Palace

  30. French city that is home to the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) where several popes and antipopes lived from the early 14th to early 15th centuries.


  31. Malbork Castle, the largest castle in the world (by area) is the best known construction of the Teutonic Knights and is located in this country.


  32. Official name of the Tokyo Imperial Palace, the main residence of the Emperor of Japan .

    Kokyo Palace

  33. The Palace of Aachen is most associated with this King of the Franks who united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Romans.


  34. This palace near Paris is best known as the place where Napoleon gave up his throne and perhaps got the 'blues.'


  35. The largest and most visited castle in Japan, it is is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture; along with Matsumoto and Kumamoto, it is considered one of Japan's three premier castles.

    Himeji Castle

  36. A palace only in name, the Palace of the Parliament designed and nearly completed by the Ceauşescu regime houses the parliament of this country; It is also the world's largest civilian administrative building.


  37. This French palace was destroyed by arson in 1871 but the gardens still exist.


  38. Built by King Songtsen Gampo in the 17th century, this was the main residence of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama escaped to India.

    Potala Palace