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  1. In the best known version of a traditional folk tale that is a parable for cooperation, an itinerant claims that he can make the tastiest soup using this object. He succeeds by making the residents contribute several ingredients.

    Stone (other variations have nail/button and other inanimate objects)

  2. This very distinctive Cajun soup eaten in the Louisiana region is a hearty stew of stock, meat, seafood and vegetables and is traditionally served over rice.


  3. The name of this creamy French soup usually made from seafood is also the name of a type of porcelain.


  4. When one thinks of Vietnamese cuisine, one almost always thinks of this noodle soup.


  5. The distinctive red color of borscht, eaten in several East European countries, comes from this vegetable.


  6. No quiz on soups can avoid mentioning this artist who produced silkscreens of soup cans and avoided comic strips in order not to compete with another pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

    Andy Warhol (Campbell's Soup Cans)

  7. This two-word term is used as a metaphor for the over-occurrence of acronyms in the names of government agencies, the name deriving from a particular type of pasta that is cut into the shapes of letters.

    Alphabet soup

  8. Though it is eaten in several countries of South-East Asia, the spicy tom yum soup is most associated with the cuisine of this country.


  9. Japanese soup made from the paste of fermented soybean paste.


  10. In an interview with BBC in 2004, this personality said, "I was about five years old when I was eating soup in our kitchen and as I was lifting the spoon towards my mouth it bent and broke in half."

    Uri Geller

  11. Ang Lee's early work, the acclaimed 1994 drama Eat Drink Man Woman, was remade in Hollywood in 2001 with this title.

    Tortilla Soup

  12. Urban smogs which used to be prevalent in London have been colloquially called this for their appearance.

    Pea soup fogs

  13. This soup whose name has lent itself to a character in Alice in Wonderland is made using calf's head or feet.

    Mock turtle soup

  14. This Spanish soup consists of a stock of vegetables with a tomato base is usually served cold, and hence is an appropriate summer food.


  15. The song "Angie" is the biggest hit from this album of The Rolling Stones.

    Goats Head Soup

  16. Goulash, the hearty soup from Hungary, is always seasoned with this spice.


  17. A favorite of vegetarians is this hearty Italian soup made of several vegetables.


  18. The show The Soup on television's E! channel recaps popular culture and is hosted by this comedian.

    Joel McHale

  19. This 1933 Marx Brothers classic, called by some as their best film, contains the famous and much imitated mirror scene.

    Duck Soup

  20. This soup from Tuscany is usually made from leftovers and almost always contains bread and a mix of several vegetables.


  21. Both the albondigas soup of the Latin America countries and the matzo ... soup of the Jewish cuisine have this ingredient.


  22. The 1985 Japanese comedy Tampopo has a loose plot of a woman who is on a quest to learn to make the perfect version of this type of noodle soup.


  23. As its name indicates, the cock-a-leekie is made from chicken and leeks, and has an iconic status in this country.


  24. This soup which is a status symbol is traditionally served in Chinese weddings and its proliferation has caused concerns due to the depletion of a certain ocean creature.

    Shark fin soup

  25. This is the French term for a soup featured by a restaurant on a given day.

    Soup du jour

  26. The avgolemono family of soups, eaten in the countries of the Mediterranean have several variations but always include these two ingredients.

    Egg and lemon

  27. The bird's nest soup, a delicacy of Chinese cuisine, is mostly made from the nests of this bird.


  28. The zōni soup of the Japanese cuisine is considered an auspicious dish and is traditionally eaten on this day.

    New Years'

  29. A fad diet that originated in the 1980s asks participants to partake only this for a week promising a 10-pound loss.

    Cabbage soup

  30. Mexico imports a lot of stomach tripe as its the main ingredient in this soup which as drunkards know, is a cure for hangover. Also the name of a music band that gave a start to Ricky Martin.


  31. Bouillabaisse, whose name comes from the French for boil/simmer is a fish stew originating in this second largest city and the largest port of France.


  32. This motivational series started in 1993 when Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen published its first book in 1993.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul

  33. In the hit series Seinfeld, this is the nickname of Larry Thomas.

    The Soup Nazi

  34. This creamy potato-and-leek French soup is usually served cold, and according to a legend, it is because it got that way from the numerous tasters partaking it before it reached King Louis XV.