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  1. A Blanc de Blancs champagne, which means "white of whites", is made from this quintessential white wine grape.


  2. This type of champagne is usually produced by adding a small amount of Pinot noir red wine to the champagne.

    Pink champagne

  3. The essential difference between champagne and other wines is this step, which causes carbonation and gives champagne its distinctive fizz.

    Second fermentation

  4. Most champagne is bottled in 2 sizes - the standard 750 ml, and the 1.5 liter version, called this.


  5. This champagne cocktail is traditionally served to the guests at a wedding.


  6. The Champagne Riots of 1910-11 took place in France when this pest destroyed vineyards of the region.


  7. An apocryphal but popular story goes that the shape of a wide-brimmed champagne glass was modeled from the breast of this royal.

    Marie Antoniette

  8. Spraying champagne at sports events started in 1967 by winner Dan Gurney at this French race, called the world's oldest active endurance sports car race.

    24 Hours of Le Mans

  9. Early Broadway star Anna Held is said to have started this trend using champagne, which Marilyn Monroe famously adopted using 350 bottles.


  10. Dom Pérignon, often incorrectly identified as the inventor of sparkling champagne, did however make important contributions to its development while at this abbey.

    Abbey of Hautvillers

  11. Three varieties of grapes are used to produce champagne. Name any 2.

    Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay

  12. Though Reims is the most populous city of the Champagne region, this is the self-proclaimed capital with its celebrated Champagne houses.


  13. The technique of opening a champagne bottle using a sword is named for a type of sword used in fencing.


  14. Private areas in these type of establishments are called champagne rooms. Chris Rock would know!

    Strip clubs

  15. Nicolas Longworth, called the "Father of American Wine Industry", produced the first American variety of sparkling wine using this type of grape, which is also the name of a South Carolina tribe.


  16. The trend of using champagne for this purpose might have started with what the US Secretary of the Navy's granddaughter did in 1890.

    Christening ships

  17. The 19th century British comic George Leybourne became known for this novelty song involving champagne, which also set a precedence for product promotion.

    "Champagne Charlie"

  18. "Remember gentlemen, it's not just France we are fighting for, it's Champagne!" - Whose words?

    Winston Churchill

  19. In the name of the famous champagne house Veuve Clicquot, the word 'veuve' means this in French.


  20. One of the 27 regions of France is Champagne-and this, whose name evokes the forest where the Battle of the Bulge was fought in WWII.


  21. 2-word term used to describe the best quality of champagne of a producer.

    Prestige cuvée