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Malls and Shopping Areas

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. The New South China Mall in China's Guangdong province maybe the largest in the world based on gross leasable area but it is known for this undesirable distinction.


  2. Strøget is a well-known pedestrian friendly shopping area in this European capital.


  3. The SM Megamall, SM City North EDSA, and Mall of Asia all attract huge number of shoppers in this Southeast Asian country.

    The Philippines

  4. This mall in Nairobi, Kenya became known to the world after the unfortunate terrorist attack there in 2013 that saw the death of 72 people.


  5. Fashion houses and jewelery stores line-up the Avinguda Diagonal which forms part of the three-mile shopping line in this European city. The distinctive Torre Agbar skyscraper is also located at a cross-section along the street.


  6. A group of singers who backed Gwen Stefani in the 2000s took the name Tokyo district that is known as the center of youth culture and fashion.


  7. The Grand Canal Shoppes, an upscale shopping mall in Vegas that even features gondola rides abuts The Palazzo and this other casino.

    The Venetian

  8. Name of the iconic covered market in Istanbul whose construction started in the 15th century and which attracts hundreds of thousands daily to this day.

    Grand Bazaar

  9. The Wafi City Mall in Dubai that has the theme of Ancient Egypt was built in this shape.


  10. The mall simply named for this Middle-East city that has seen a construction spree in recent times is said to be the world's largest in terms of area.

    Dubai (Dubai Mall)

  11. Name of the two-mile long street in Beverly Hills, CA that is the place-to-be for shopping and celebrity spotting.

    Rodeo Drive

  12. If you want to splurge in New York and have the cash to boot, this thoroughfare that crosses Manhattan, especially between 49th Street and 60th Street is the place to go to. Easily one of the most expensive streets on the planet.

    Fifth Avenue

  13. Laugavegur is the main shopping area of this Nordic capital city. The name means "wash road" as in the times past, it used to lead to the hot springs that were used for laundry.


  14. The Al-Buzuriyah Souq and the Al-Hamidiyah Souq both of which are near the famed Umayyad Mosque are in this world city that has seen strife in recent times.


  15. This Tokyo district named for the silver mint established in 1612 is the capital's prime shopping center.


  16. This Paris avenue full of high-end shops is named for the 16th century writer who is credited with creating a genre for essay writing.

    Avenue Montaigne

  17. This London street between Oxford Street and Piccadilly has been a fashionable shopping street since the 18th century and has been mentioned in several works of literature.

    Bond Street

  18. The shopping area named for this Roman emperor who conquered Dacia and who presided over the greatest military expansion in its history is considered the world's oldest mall.


  19. George A. Romero's zombie classic that is set in a mall.

    Dawn of the Dead

  20. The largest mall in North America features a huge waterpark as well as a rollercoaster and is a prime attraction of this Canadian city.

    Edmonton, Albera (West Edmonton Mall)

  21. Named for a historian and playwright of the country's Golden Age that spanned the 17th century, P.C. Hooftstraat is a shopping street in this capital city.


  22. The appropriately named "The Forum" is a large shopping area connected to this Las Vegas casino.

    Caesars Palace

  23. The mall in this Pennsylvania city named for the monarch Frederick II attracts millions of visitors every year.

    King of Prussia

  24. The tree-lined Bahnhofstrasse is not only the main street of this Swiss city but also the prime shopping area.


  25. With over 40 million annual visitors, the Mall of America has the most of any mall in the world. It is located in this Minnesota suburb.


  26. Alliterative nickname given to the section of Chicago's Michigan Avenue that is the city's biggest shopping district.

    Magnificent Mile

  27. The quadrilatero della moda or Via Montenapoleone fashion district is a high-class shopping district in this European city, which is also the fashion hub of its country.

    Milan, Italy