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Art Museums

Click on each clue for its answer.

  1. One of the attractions of this art museum in California named for an oil baron is Vincent van Gogh's Irises.


  2. The art attractions of the National Gallery in London at this location named for a famed 1805 battle include Jan van Eyck's The Arnolfini Portrait, Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors and J. M. W. Turner's The Fighting Temeraire.

    Trafalgar Square

  3. In keeping with its tradition of museums with great architecture, the Guggenheim Museum in this Spanish city features the stunning design of architect Frank Gehry.


  4. Fitzwilliam Museum is the arts and antiquities museum of this renowned educational institution.

    Cambridge University

  5. The National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Freer and Sackler Galleries, Hirshhorn Museum, and The Phillips Collection all line up the list of art galleries in this power city.

    Washington, D.C.

  6. This anti-war work is the biggest attraction at The Sofia, Spain's national museum of 20th century art which forms an area called the Golden Triangle of Art along with the Prado and the Thyssen.


  7. The biggest attraction at the Neues Museum in Berlin is the bust of this royal lady.


  8. Name of Netherlands' national museum in Amsterdam that features works of greats like Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer.


  9. The Hermitage, the preeminent museum of Russia that houses millions of works of art is located in St. Petersburg and was founded in 1764 by this royal.

    Catherine the Great

  10. The blue-colored Hippo William is a mascot of this largest art museum of the United States whose many attractions include the Temple of Dendur and the Monteleone Chariot.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met)

  11. To see Gustav Klimt's masterpiece The Kiss, head to this Viennese museum.


  12. Not surprisingly, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo has the most extensive collection of mummies. It is located in this city square that has seen extensive protests in recent times.

    Tahrir Square

  13. Abbreviated MOBA, this Massachusetts museum was started by Scott Wilson in 1994 who recovered a painting from trash and subsequently started collecting and displaying kitschy art.

    Museum of Bad Art

  14. Celebrated Paris museum that is not only known for its impressive collection of French art and world masterpieces like Whistler's Mother but also for its being housed in a location that was once a railway station.

    Musée d'Orsay

  15. These controversial objects are by far the biggest attraction in the purpose built Duveen Gallery of the British Museum.

    Elgin Marbles

  16. Name of Florence's celebrated museum which houses two of Botticelli's best known paintings - Birth of Venus and La Primavera.


  17. Now named for two royals, this behemoth specializing in decorative arts was once called Museum of Manufactures as well as South Kensington Museum.

    Victoria and Albert Museum

  18. The Musée National d'Art Moderne or National Museum of Modern Art of Paris is housed in this building with a unique architecture in keeping with the theme of the museum. If you need an additional clue - the building was named after the country's president from 1969 to 1974.

    Pompidou Centre

  19. This museum popularly called with its shortened name is probably the most-influential in its field and houses several masterpieces of western art like The Starry Night (van Gogh), I and the Village (Chagall), Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (Picasso), Broadway Boogie-Woogie (Mondrian), The Persistence of Memory (Dalí), The Bather (Cézanne), Flag (Jasper Johns), Campbell's Soup Cans (Warhol) among others.

    MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)

  20. Spain's greatest showpiece is this museum of Madrid that has the greatest collection of the country's art including Velázquez's Las Meninas.


  21. The Altes Museum and the Pergamom Museum in this city share their collection of several pieces of Middle Eastern and Islamic art including original and monumental architectural marvels.


  22. This object, whose name has become a byword for decryption, is the most visited object at the British Museum.

    Rosetta Stone

  23. The collection of Hans Sloane is the original basis of this iconic museum that houses 8 million works and the center of which is called the Great Court.

    British Museum

  24. The smaller wing of the Met in New York that houses medieval art is called this, the name deriving from its assemblage with building sections of European abbeys.

    The Cloisters

  25. Perhaps the greatest American museum away from the country's coasts, this seminal institution exhibits masterpieces like Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, Mary Cassatt's The Bath and Grant Wood's American Gothic.

    Art Institute of Chicago

  26. The Louvre started its life as a place of exhibition when this royal chose the Palace of Versailles for his residence in 1682.

    Louis XIV

  27. The Philadelphia Museum of Art maybe known for its great collection of Marcel Duchamp's art but movie buffs remember it more for its exterior steps being featured in an inspiring sequence of this 1976 blockbuster.


  28. Celebrated London museum that is the most visited modern art gallery in the world.

    Tate Modern

  29. The Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze in Florence is definitely not as big as most of the other museums mentioned in this quiz but is celebrated as the original home of this Renaissance marble masterpiece.

    Michelangelo's David

  30. Along with opening a branch in the city of Lens, the Louvre is expanding into the Middle-East with its proposed presence in this city in 2015.

    Abu Dhabi

  31. The distinctive shape of the Guggenheim Museum at Fifth Avenue in NY is the work of this genius architect.

    Frank Lloyd Wright

  32. On the way to the Vatican Museums, visitors do not fail to notice the art of Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel or the frescoes at the Stanze (pope's apartments) of this other Renaissance great.